7 questions… to the young Eisbach-Oldie Lukas Brunner


Despite his tender 21 years Lukas Brunner belongs to the Bel Etage of Riversurfing. The little boy, who still bagged the World Championship at the airport in 2016, has grown up. We met him for a beer and seven damn long, short questions at the Eisbach

  1. Rather rollerblading or bodyboarding?

Scooter ride, definitely Scooter!!!!

2. To what extent does your sea surfing benefit from the stream and vice versa?

So if I could now the Aerials of the brook also in the sea, then the brook would have brought me a heap. I really can’t. On the other hand, the idea of movement through the stream is there and I am sure that it will soon work in the sea. The transfer from the sea to the stream is not really there.

3. Would you take your mama to the creek?

Best mama, always and everywhere!

4. Have you already had a fistfight at the Eisbach?


5. You have been surfing the Eisbach for 10 years now. What was different then than today, has the atmosphere changed?

There used to be more aggression, more locals, more fun at the creek. Things have calmed down a little compared to today. But I don’t care about that either. I think it’s nice today, but back then, too.

6. Do you remember your first barrel in the sea?

Yeah, that was off a small island off Sumatra. Insanity and unforgettable, 100% better than the first Aerial at the creek.

Same colour as the stream only two floors higher. Or three…..

7. The level at the stream has improved a lot, at least there’s plenty of quality, especially among the young surfers. To what extent were you a role model or even an idol for the boys?

So first of all I see the development very positively. There’s a huge bunch of talented kids like Luka Holi, Nicolas Marusa, Joshi Holi and some others, who all push each other super, but also by us, Manu Kronfelder, Tao Schirrmacher and all the other oldies, were taken by the hand. Just as I was taken by Kian Bayani’s hand as a little boy. Somehow I’m just giving back what I’ve got.