Alessa Quizon has nuts


Almost every reputable surfer went to Indonesia this year to pick up the swell of the decade. Today we would like to introduce you to Alessa Quizon, a personality with a lot to offer! Alessa is not just a great surfer, the Hawaiian is charged.

Big waves

There are now really extremely many women who surf damn well and this even if the swell is growing. This is what it looks like with Alessa Quizon. The beauty who grew up in Oahu did the same as her male colleagues and flew with the first plane to Indonesia to the beautiful Mentawai Islands. The islands are known for brute waves that throw themselves perfectly over razor-sharp reef edges.

Here are the islands with probably the best surf in the world

Surfpro existence

That, apart from a lot of surfing experience and skills, you need a lot of self-confidence and willingness to take risks is self-explanatory at the sight of this video. But Alessa’s home knows how to serve with great waves. The WCT surfer was already regularly on the surfboard as a 4 year old and gained her first contact experiences at the age of 10. She is a very competitive person, took extreme pleasure in the competition circus and did not want to do anything else her whole life, at first mainly driven by an older sister who fought for a career as a surf pro herself.

Short profile

If Alessa continues to surf such bombs, we will certainly hear a lot more about the young Hawaiian woman and hopefully see her. If you like Alessa now, you can follow the link to Instagram. Here’s a short portrait of the good one, maybe the video serves one or two clichés too much, but Alessa is simply a boss.