Basti from Nuremberg shows us that there are not only hot springs in Iceland.


Iceland is where people sit naked in hot springs and get drunk all the time, while elves are watching them skating on the adjacent glacier. Finished with their feast, they ride home on their ponies (which are actually horses) and comb their meter-long beards while watching Lord of the Rings.

Iceland is full of clichés and everyone has a picture in their head, but the last thing they think is that Iceland has excellent waves. One who came to Iceland not only for the beauty of nature but also for surfing is Basti. He was also kind enough to videograph it for us. And because Basti likes to travel and share, this is already the second contribution that the likeable Nuremberger has made for us. If you missed his trip to the Mentawais, make sure you catch up

In any case, we hope that Basti still travels a lot and shares a lot.