Dakine buys a German jet: Leon Glatzer joins the Dakine surf team


What do Leon Glatzer and Dakine have in common? Except that they both love surfing and perform at their limits, both were born in Hawaii, to be exact on the island of Maui.

The German Wunderkind, El Schnitzel or Mütze Glatzer was born on Maui, grew up in Costa Rica and had with Pavones the probably best left wave in the world right in front of the door. No wonder the 21 year old German is probably the best aerial surfer Germany has ever seen. Today Leon commutes between Portugal, Costa Rica and Germany, where you can meet the most gifted newschool surfer of Germany again and again at the Eisbach. When Leon is not surfing, the boy with the German look prefers to hear reggaeton, typical of the Ticos in Costa Rica.

Probably the most popular surfing site of the Germans: Leon walks over French dunes towards the Atlantic Ocean

Leon’s surfing is strongly influenced by his cosmopolitan background. His turns and cutbacks he surfs with the fire and dynamics of a Costa Rican, his airs reflect a typical German approach: high, clean, perfect!

Leon on marriage to Dakine

Leon says: “”I am very happy to be part of the Dakine family. It’s a good match, Dakine is from Maui, I was also born on the island. It feels good to use the best equipment for travel and competition. Whether pads, leashes or boardbags, I have always been a fan of Dakine, also because of the great team and the history of the brand.”

As the newest member of the Dakine Family, one can eagerly await what will come. There are already several photo and video projects planned, in which we will certainly see the German Lufthansa pilot flying.

If you want to know more about Leon, check out his Instagram account. In the next days we will also report about Leon’s trip to Indonesia.