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The Community

With our Community we want to connect the surfscene, no matter if you are an athlete, brand or surf enthusiast. Create groups, make friends and share your surf experiences with the crowd. As a member of a unique surf community it´s easy to meet like minded people, Enjoy many features and earn rewards for sharing an article or updating your profile. If you like our magazine you you can refer our mags and products to friends and earn provisions. Community members enjoy monthly lotteries, special discounts from our partners and many more great deals.



Use direct messages to send an update of the latest swell to your friends inbox and keep it private.

The Community

Find like-minded surfers

Discover our Community and connect with surfers from all over the world.

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Create private and public groups or set up a new discussion in our forum about the next surftrip.


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Earn rewards for activities on our page. Like or share an article, log-in to your profile or subscribe to our newsletter. You get rewards for almost all of your activities. Change your Rewards for goods such as hoodies, travel bags, wetsuits, caps, t-shirts and much more.


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With our monthly lottery you have the chance to win amazing prices and giveaways such as surfcamp holidays, surfboards, wetsuits and much more

Make Friends

It´s easy to connect with like-minded people when you share the same passion.

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Share your experience with other community members. Create Topics or Groups and invite friends to join.

Earn Rewards

Share an article you just read on social media, log-in to your account or follow us on twitter. For all of those and many other activities you can earn rewards and change them into real goods.

Monthly Giveaways

Montlhy Giveaways for our Community Members. Surfboards, Wetsuits, surfcamp travel packages and much more.