Finless Fun


Whether Diogo Appleton forgot his Finns at home or this project was planned is not known to us. But what we now know for sure is that you can be sure that you can expect to have fun even without Finns.

The Portuguese shaper Diogo Appleton has never thought much of conventions. Be it regarding the shapes of his boards or his unique style to surf. Here he shows us that you don’t necessarily need Finns to really connect with the wave.

On his Instagramm Channel the Portuguese lets us participate in his creative work, for Diogo Shapen is much more art, creativity and courage for the new than a mere craft.

Diogo can also surf

The Diogo is not only a big player on the shape iron, but is also one of the top guards of Portuguese surfers for a reason, you can see in the following video.

We are definitely enthusiastic about Diogo’s style.