Hero of the day: Danger to life in Padang


Padang is a strong left tube, right next to Uluwatu. To paddle to the wave you have to go through a channel, an extremely strong riptide draws you to the open sea. Gino, an Indonesian beginner surfer, was doomed and he almost had to pay for his trip with his life if it hadn’t been Raffa. The evening was already dawning when Rafael Ortiz from Brazil, Porto Alegre, set off for Padang and heard calls for help in the channel. Although several lifeguards were present in Padang Beach, none reacted and left Gino to his fate.

Rafael Ortiz is the hero of the day

The Indonesian, overtaxed by the current and wave size, was completely exhausted and trembled with fear and despair. Rafael Ortiz immediately recognized the seriousness of the situation and came to the rescue of the drowning man. Rafael overpowered the desperate man who was already unable to stay on his board. He helped him back on his board and told him to reach for his leash. So he paddled against the strong current for 2 people and Rafael felt like they were standing.

Gino was lucky that Rafael feels comfortable in big surf.

After half an hour of constant paddling they reached a group of surf beginners surfing the Babypadang spot. Rafael asked for support and one of the students helped him to pull Gino to the beach. With combined forces this finally succeeded after a one hour rescue operation. When the exhausted Gino half collapsed on the beach, the lifeguards finally made themselves felt and did what they were paid for.

Rafael had neither light nor strength for his surfing session. But he saved a life and we give him the Hero of the day. After his unsuccessful adventure, Gino set off for the hospital. For next time Gino: better be safe than sorry!!!