What we probably won’t even experience on a surfboard in our lives, Jamie O’Brien has already done on various floating objects. This time he takes the barrel in a tandem canoe.

For his web series “Who is JOB” Jamie has once again set new standards. After picking up plenty of barrels in the pipeline with the foamie, tandem foamie or even with the multi-person surfboard, this time a tandem canoe was the vehicle of his choice. Jamie has the wild Tuberide under control at all times, as you can see just by how skilfully the Pipeline Local presses on the brakes to drop the curtain.

Dealing with a wave like Pipeline as playfully as Jamie requires a lot of routine. But O’Brien’s school was only a few hundred meters away from the Banzai pipeline and so it happened again and again that instead of a lunch break he just had a few barrels in the lunch break. It is also the youngest Pipemaster in the history of events to date. In 2016 Jamie became a lifesaver when he saved a bodyboarder from an accident by paddling out with a foam board at massive swell and bedding the unconscious man on his surfboard.

If you want to see more of that life-saving hotshot, you can do it here.