Jeremy Flores gives us riddles


Jeremy Flores spent part of his childhood in Reunion and Madagascar. Nobody knows better than Jeremy himself that both islands have excellent surfing.

Jeremies home islands are fed with a lot of swell by the Roaring Forties, in Reunion as well as on Madagascar there is a wave somewhere 365 days a year, during the Swell Season the Thundering Fourzards also like to provide 30 feet of monsterswell on the islands, which each have well-known Bigwave spots.

Where are Reunion and Madagascar?

Reunion and Madagascar are located east of Mozambique in the middle of the Indian Ocean

Sharks prevent surf tourism

Unfortunately, both islands have moved somewhat out of the focus of the surfing community, as shark attacks on surfers have increased, especially on La Reunion, whereas in Madagascar there were hardly any attacks, the shark presence on the spot is nevertheless large and the risk always surfs along. Since both islands have little (reunion) or no (Madagascar) surfing culture at all, the problem is not tackled offensively, a ban on surfing is even issued on reunion and an improvement is not in sight.

What island is he talking about?

However, Jeremy apparently ventured into the water relatively often, because otherwise he could hardly dominate bombs like these as he shows us in this video.

Back in the islands soon 🌴😁

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He’ll be back on the island soon, which island he’s talking about. What would you type?

More about Reunion and the shark problem can be read tomorrow.