Kate Winslet stretches her arms sideways from her body, Leonardo hugs her languishingly from behind and thousands of teenies melt away in the cinema. The reaction to Kai Lenny’s romantic excursion might well be more restrained, but the power factor would have to be the same.

His girlfriend Molly Payne seems to enjoy the trip with her Charger friend in any case, in unusually calm waters but equipped with an electric motor, foilen the two through a beautiful bay in Hawaii.


If you want to drive your beloved on an electric Foil Board through the area, you have to either have the connections of a Kai Lenny or be a successful Investment Banker, because these motor-driven Foilers are anything but cheap. One must count on sporty 15,000$, should one be willing to purchase an electro foil.

But if Kai Lenny should go back to his usual hobbies and load Big Waves with different boards, he might lend you his walking device if you like. I’m afraid he’s not going to lend his friend Molly out.

FLY WITH ME @_mollypayne 🦅💯 🎥: @ryanjohnson.mov @liftfoils

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But the two don’t just go foiling together, they also like to be barreled in tandem.

You shouldn’t get bored dating Kai Lenny.