As a German bratwurst you often sit in the line up, drift around like a piece of wood and have to accept with humility that the two 9 year olds in the next to you have just made clear who is the boss and we finally have to accept that we will never learn to surf properly again.

One of these prodigies that make you feel like you’re moving in slow motion is Noah Beschen.

Noah Beschen

Granted: The Northshore Local is now 17 years old and tries to qualify for the Champion Tour via WQS Competitions, that what the boy already did with his surfboard at the tender age of 13 is really breathtaking. But no wonder, after all his father Shane Beschen is the first and only CT surfer who could bag three 10 points waves in a scoring loop according to the old scoring system. Here is a small sample of Noah’s surf skills as a 13 year old. By the way, this masterpiece was filmed by the 32-year-old Californian Aaron Lieber, an expert of surfing film.


Justin Becret

Grown up on the other side of the world but an equally bad surfer is the now 18 year old sailor Local Justin Becret. Justin’s development has certainly also helped his father, who is also a passionate surfer and is regarded as well connected on the Côte du Basque. So his junior sat early with France’s best in the line up and is on a good way to become the best himself. That Justin was also involved in the development of his surfboards was certainly not the worst idea, the board which he shapes and surfs in the following video seems to him in any case to be great. Justin is 12 years old in the video.

Justin and Noah can, of course, also be admired on Instagram. For Noah’s account please follow this link. Justin’s surf adventure you can follow under the following link.