“Lustgreis” Hugh Hefner, advocate of social progress, would have been proud of him if he hadn’t already blessed the temporal. The heirs of the naked magazine Pioniers set out to find the 21 hottest surfers of our time.

We thought it would be a shame to keep this from you and have compiled the ranking here again. Some pro-surfers mingle with these 21 beauties, but others are much more surfing influencers than surf pros. I don’t want us to care, they’re always beautiful to look at.



21: Lakey Peterson (@lakeypeterson)

Lakey Petersen thinks it’s funny

20: Chloe Chapman (@chloechapman)

Chloe Chapman rests within herself

19: Catherine Clark (@catherinejclark)

Good Catherine seems to have a stomach ache

18: Brianna Cope (@briannacope)


It is stretching for the next session;)

17: Bruna Schmitz (@brunasschmitz)

If Bruna can surf in these boots too

16: Lindsay Perry (@lindsayperry)


Beautiful eyes Lindsay

15: Male Manuel (@maliamanuel)

Malia on a walk on the beach

14: Alana Blanchard (@alanarblachard)

Even a beautiful…uh back can delight

13.Quincy Davis (@quincydavis)

Pretty windy

12.Sally Fitzgibbons (@sally_fitz)

Whether there are no Rashes, so lightly clad in the sand

Richie Freeman

11.Anastasia Ashley (@anastasiaashley)

Why so dreamy?

10.Coco Ho (@xococoho)

Forgot your bikini?
Morgan Maassen


9.Alejandra Guilmant (@aleguilmant)

Alejandra has everything under control

8.Nikki van Dijk (@nikkivandijk)

Are we blinded by the sun or Niki’s beauty?

7.Kelia Moniz (@keliamoniz)

The girls from the Moniz Gang can not only surf but are also very hot

6.Ellie Jean Coffey (@elliejeancoffey)

Want to cool off?

5. Erica Hosseini, (@ericahosseini)

Oh, Erica, how we’d love to browse with you

Erica for Stab, by Tyler William-Parker

4.Bree Little Top (@breekleintop)

Here the name speaks volumes

3.Lani Doherty (@lani_doherty)

Why so critical Lani?

2.Laura Enever (@lauraenever)

Oh, Laura, what kind of sport are you doing again?

Kane Skennar


1.Say Erickson (@sageerickson)

The highly deserved number 1: Say, we love you

And now back to day-to-day business.

The surfers shown in our cover picture are the notorious Coffey Sisters from Australia, who unfortunately did not make it into the ranking.