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Prime Sports


Welcome to Prime Sports

Prime Sports is an independent full-service mediahouse in the fields of Action Sports, Active Living, Lifestyle and Youth Culture.

We stand for the creation, publication and commercialisation of core sports media. Print mags, digital platforms and targeted social media services which are addressing all Prime Sports clients with the targeted reach to the highly dynamic core audiences with a minimum of spreading loss. The reader is provided with exclusive and high quality content. An emphasis is put on a pinpoint cross-media communication strategy.

„we’re the full-service media house for action sports, lifestyle & youth culture“

This is us

Prime Sports is focusing on the publication, production and commercialisation of core Action Sports and Lifestyle Media.

All team members stand for genuine passion for the sports and what they do. The initial product portfolio includes four print titles amounting to a total of 180.000 issues plus corresponding digital platforms and services.

Within 2017 we will publish 24 print issues, thousands of articles on six online platforms in five divisions – Surfing, Snowboarding, Skiing, Mountainbiking and Outdoor.

The print magazines

Made of emotions! Our sport lives of pictured worlds and coloured dreams. A high quality print magazine stands for creating an exclusive and unique readers experience. For the professional athlete and the Joe Blow alike.

The emotion of the most shareable moments being caught on camera surrounded by well researched and interesting insights and stories out of the scenes. We create and share dreams that inspire.

Digital hubs

We trust in innovative web-engeneering with a focus on fast and high-performing digital products that delivers relevant content 24/7 to our readers. In early 2017, we’ll release a combined destinations-guide web-app for our most loved hot spots in surfing, skiing, snowboarding and also gravity mountainbiking.

Social Media is an essential part of our content distribution strategy to make noise for our unique pieces of content.


Westermühlstr. 8
234567 München




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