Red Iceland Indonesia: Yoga in Utopia with Jane


Yesterday we reported about the Utopia on Red Iceland in Indonesia. Apart from its unique location and views, this wonderful resort naturally offers yoga classes to its guests, as it should be otherwise. Jane is the woman who accompanies the guests into the yogic cosmos.

Jane is 28 years old. Her love of surfing and Asian culture attracted the Canadian to Rote Island, where she manages the resort Utopia for 6 months and offers yoga classes to her guests. We met her and she confessed to us.

Certainly not the worst setting for a yoga session.

Jane, how did you come to Red Iceland and why the Utopia?

I met Kim (Ainmone’s wife, co-owner of Utopia) at a yoga retreat center in Bali. So the contact came about and she offered me to take up her post here while visiting the family in Germany with her children.

What were you doing in Canada and why did you want to leave?

I am actually a nutritionist, have also worked as such in Canada and have given yoga classes on the side. I didn’t really want to leave Canada, but I really wanted to go to Indonesia to the waves, the lifestyle, the warmth.

Jane is also very familiar with the local medicinal plants.

Which wave do you prefer to surf here?

Since I haven’t been surfing that long: Squealers. This is a small reef break that can be reached from the beach by paddling.

She doesn’t look the same in surfing as in yoga, but we believe in you Jane

Can you imagine living in Indonesia forever?

Yeah, I can imagine. But I would definitely start my own business, like a little yoga retreat or something. But I would love to live here for six months and the other six months on Canada’s west coast.

Do you think surfers will benefit from yoga?

Absolutely. It strengthens the body tension, many strengthening exercises are very similar to the movements when surfing. It also loosens the joints and stretches muscles and tendons. The response of my groups has been consistently positive

Jane in action. I don’t think it looked that way to us.

Jane will soon offer another retreat and explain what nutrients your body needs after such a long day of paddling and surfing. Details of Jane’s retreat can be found here.