How does it work?

1. Create your Profile

The first thing you should do is completing your profile. Upload a profile picture and a background banner and make your profile look more individual. Upload your surf pictures and share them with the community.

2. Activity Feed

The activity feed is the main feature of our community. You can find new articles published on prime-surfing, create your own posts or like, commment and share the posts of other member. Share your experience, follow brands, photgraphers, athletes and be a active member of specific surf groups. Sell and buy surf equipment or ask the community for travel tips. Maybe you want to creat your own group?

3. Make friends

Make new friends, meet old friends or invite your friends to join our community! Drop a message to your friends timeline or just send him a private message. Connect with your surf-buddies.

4. Earn Reward Points

With our points we reward active community member. For almost any activity you do on our website we will credit some points to your account. If you go to our community shop you will find several products that are available to share against points. So your activity is worth real money and you get the goods you love, from brands you love by pushing your favourite surfing magazine and community. Isnt´t that quite a fair deal? So what are you waiting for? Go, get some points!

How to earn Points?

Sign-up to the Community and earn points that are worth real money.

Become a Fan on Facebook

Become a Fan and follow us on Facebook an we reward your activity with additional points.

Follow us on Instagram

Follow us on Instagram and earn some points.

Invite Friends

Use our form to invite a friend

Special Acivities

Earn Points for special acivities on prime-surfing.de

Share Articles on Facebook & Twitter

Check out some sharable articles they are useful content for your friends. Easily share them with our social buttons to facebook, instagram or twitter.

Earn Points for Daily Logins

Get rewarded with points for a daily drive by on prime-surfing.de. Check your feed, messages and friend's activities.

Change Points for goods

As a member of our community you have access to the community store section. Our Community Store shows all available products that members can pay with points. Be a smart ass and get some of the the goodstuff while enjoying amazing content and a like-minded surf community.