Surf Expats: Christina Gindl surfing round the world


We met Christina two years ago in Mauritius, where the passionate kitesurfer worked as a project manager for the NGO Nomad Coop. from 2016 to 2017. In the windless times she discovered surfing and was infected.

The sexy blonde was born on 3.4.1991 in Lower Austria 20 minutes outside of Vienna, not really comparable to Surfers Paradise. One year after graduating from high school, Christina travelled to Australia for one year and came into contact with surfing culture in the motherland of surfing for the first time. She actually wanted to stay, but reason won: She studied advertising for two years in Vienna, then spent the last year of her studies at Stafford Shire University in England.

Mother Nature meant very well with Christina

She soon realized that her love of nature and freedom in this profession could not be realized in any way, she did not want to live her life this way and after some internships and job interviews she had lucrative job offers, but finally decided for the poorly paid job on Mauritius where the Indian Ocean with its waves was waiting.

Surf virus

Christina surfed the waves with the kite at the beginning, but soon realized that the power of the wave could be felt much better without the glider and the ropes and discovered her love for surfing through her boyfriend at that time. Kiting quickly receded into the background, surfing was simply too good. She developed a formal obsession and made very fast progress through her kite experience in big waves. Meanwhile her whole life planning revolves around the waves and the surf lifestyle.

Christina shows her yoga skills in nature


She trained as a yoga teacher in India to create another way to finance her surfing trips. She has taught several yoga classes in Bali, not quite legally but on a private basis and for good money. Many of her clients are men, often extremely muscular but with little body awareness and poor mobility. Furthermore, she works online for an Austrian company and does what just happens and can be done online. She doesn’t make the big money, but it’s enough to live the life she’s always dreamed of.

Christina bends her men around


Christina now lives on and off between Bali and Sumbawa, she’s starting a business with a friend, but she doesn’t think she’s ready to talk yet, so she won’t tell us exactly what it’s about. She spends three months of the year at Lake Neusiedl and works there as a kitesurfing instructor and yoga teacher over the summer, but the three months often seem like years to the likeable Austrian, after the season she immediately takes her legs in her hand and flies into the surf as quickly as possible.

Christina in Western Sumbawa, Tropicals

The future

In ten years Christina will be sitting in some small hut on the beach and surfing lonely waves together with her children and her husband.


If you would like to contact Christina for a yoga class, or just want to see some more pictures of her, you can do so on her instagram at any time.

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