We met Lukáš two years ago in Bali and the man has stamina. The Czech top model has settled down in Bali and worked hard on his surf skills. Lukáš is the guinea pig of our new series “Surf Expats”.

Surf virus

Lukáš was born on 11.03.1989 in the small Czech village Česká Lipa, not necessarily a surfhotspot. Anything but that. From there it takes 24 hours to get to the Atlantic Ocean. However, 8 years ago Lukáš  Surffieber found his origin in Seignosse, where the Czech model athlete rode the board for the first time, which today means the world to him and should have a lasting influence on his life. Like so many other landlocked surfers he started in a surf camp, in his case the Camp Playgrounds, which sends his softboard armies into the white water in Seignosse under the Czech flag. Lukáš surfed badly. Really bad. But he was as motivated as a bum for five marks. So he went back to Seignosse. And then again.

Lukáš studies surfing at the Gold Coast

When he finally had his Bachelor in Human Resources in his pocket he wanted to go to Australia, the motherland of surfing. Actually, nothing could stop him. You’d think. Unlike Germany, the Czech Republic has no work and travel agreement with Australia, the only possibility for Czechs to travel to Australia for a longer period is to study there. Go back to school? Lukáš didn’t really want that. But he found a subject he was interested in enough to go back to an educational institute: Surfing. Yeah, right, surfing is a stud facility in Australia.

The study has apparently paid off


So Lukáš went to the Gold Coast and studied surfing. He fulfilled the obligation to be present more badly than rightly, just so that it was possible for him to work and to surf as much as possible. After 7 months the adventure was over and he set off for Bali with the intention to stay here for only 2 months. He found a job as a janitor and stayed seven.

Lukas in the pocket. Balangan at its best.

After that he went to New Zealand for another year, where surfing is not bad either. Then he went to Bali for the second time where he had to endure another year. He took care of villas, checked in guests and…….. surfing, surfing and surfing.

All that glitters is not gold

In Bali he met a Kaifornian woman whom he was to marry in the same year. Whether it was more for the green card or a marriage of love, he no longer remembers exactly. But he was never to walk the path to the altar, the Americans did not really find their way into his heart and so he ended this chapter after one month before it really had begun. Another intermezzo followed in the Czech Republic where he improved his account as a model.

Luke also cuts a good figure off the water. Model shoot in New Zealand.

And other good news came: Czech Republic had signed a work and travel agreement with Australia, Lukáš  applied, got it. Now he is back on Bali, in transit, drinking beer with us and looking forward to Australia, where he will fly at the end of August. He doesn’t know what to expect there, he just wants to live close to the sea, settle down somewhere at home and surf as many waves as possible. We wish you all the best Lukáš.

If you are interested in stalking Lukáš you can check out his instagram profile here.

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