Zsoka came on August 13. 1979 in Budapest, the Hungarian Sea called Balaton probably has waves only when Donald Trump shows children with Mexican women how Zsoka came to surf this is a story in itself.

Big City Life

The beautiful Hungarian grew up in Budapest and loved life in the city. She threw herself into beautiful dresses, enjoyed the vivende Hungarian party scene and was thoroughly inspired by the urban lifestyle. Although the 39 year old has always been a sports enthusiast, she also competed in triathlon at a relatively high level, surfing for her was as far away as the Sahara from Switzerland.

Times and relationships change

When she turned 27, she dated the Hungarian pro snowboarder Miki Rigler, himself a passionate surfer, who put Zsoka on a surfboard for the first time in her life in Seignosse. Miki was the end of her regular life. She quit her job in advertising and together with her ex-husband Miki she organized snowboard and surf camps for 7 years and fell in love with the boards that still mean the world to her. But their place of life was still Hungary, but they both wanted to go to the sea, absolutely.

Zoka droping bombs in Balangan

The first own surf camp

So they took all their savings and moved to the Canary Islands in 2012 to be exact Fuerte Ventura where they opened the Surf Camp Surf Soulution in Corralejo. When the two separated for personal reasons, the dream of surf camp also died and surf soulution closed after 2 years.

Zsoka had no camp and no man anymore (Miki went back to Hungary), but she still had her island with those damn perfect waves she was so in love with.

New stage of life

And their lives should change quickly for the better. Although she was confronted with the sport the whole day through the surf camp, she had hardly any time to practice it herself, as she really had her hands full. She hired as a surf instructor in a surf camp, teaching and….surfing, surfing and surfing.

The Canary Islands are getting too small

After three years the Canary Islands became too narrow for the blonde, she wanted to see the world, to pursue her passion for water photography, if possible to earn money with it. To create a financial cushion for herself, she worked as a waitress in Switzerland during the winter season and is now travelling the world, which has enabled her to earn a good Swiss salary. She has also increased her photographic equipment, attended a course in water photography and now wants to travel, take pictures and see the world.

This $1 million shot was taken by Zoka at Desert Point in Lombok. Surfer: unknown.

Where’s Szoka in 10 years?

In 10 years Szoka has 2 children, she lives half-yearly in the mountains and at the sea and goes surfing and snowboarding with her children. She doesn’t want to change her lifestyle because it makes her happy the way it is.