Create a Surfcamp-Account

The first step ist to create a Surfcamp-Account on PRIME Surfing. It’s free and very easy!

If you already have a Surfcamp Account in PRIME Surfing you can skip this step and login to your account or get a new password.

The Dashboard

After you created your account you are ready to create your first Surfcamp Listicle. 

Right after the registration form you will be logged in and redirected to your PRIME Surfing Surfcamp Dashboard. If this is a new account, the only option you will see there is to add a new Surfcamp.

If you already have an account and you are logged in, you can access the Surfcamp Dashboard here.

Also, if you logged in with your Surfcamp Account, you have new options in the menu. If you hover over the menu item “Surfcamps” you have direct access to you Dashboard (“My Surfcamps”) and to the form to add more Surfcamps with your account (“Add Surfcamp”)

Add your Surfcamp

After you created your account you are ready to create your first Surfcamp Listicle. 

Just follow the instructions of each step of the “Add Surfcamp” Form.

Here are some tipps and FAQ:

  • The Surfcamp description is the main text where you should put all the information about your Surfcamp. You can add as many images as you want. The maximum file size is 450kb, file format should be jpg. You can also add Videos with the “add media” button.
  • The short description should be about 160 words. This excerpt will not be shown on the Surfcamp Listicle but on other Surfcamp related pages on PRIME Surfing.
  • For the logo upload we recomment a png with transparent background. Maximum file size is also 450kb.
  • If your country is not in our list, please get in contact with us and we will add it.
  • On the last page you can either send your Surfcamp for approval to the PRIME Surfing team or save a draft and finish it later. 
  • After you saved your Surfcamp as a draft, you can find and edit it on your Dashboard
  • Once your Surfcamp is online, you can edit it. You can access the edit form on your Dashboard.


It’s done! Sit back, realx and wait for the approval for your Surfcamp to get listed on PRIME Surfing.

If we have any questions about your Surfcamp, we will get in touch with you. Otherwise your entry will be available and discoverable on our Map and Search Page asap!