Tandem Surfing with Mother


What our mothers think when we travel around the world again to surf these waves that mean the world to us, is probably different from parent to parent. But incomprehension and concern are probably the attributes that best describe the emotions of our old ladies.

What can we do about it? Bringing a lady of advanced age to the point of paddling waves and taking steep take offs is as likely as Saudi Arabia’s entry into the European Union. So how do you get your mama excited about the sport that unites whole nations?

Man takes his mother on a boat ride

That’s what this unknown surfer thought and simply took his mother to a tandem wakesurf. The elderly woman seems visibly weak on her feet, but seems to enjoy the surfing experience.


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The Steven Spielberg of the surf film industry Tim Bonython thought the same thing and shared the video and called it “Wow”. And since Tim, a master of his trade, is always right, we follow his opinion dictate inconspicuously and join in: A really beautiful way to say thank you to his mother and to share the love for the sport. Next Mother’s Day maybe?