The day of the monster swell in Uluwatu


Last Thursday, July 19th, the biggets swell in 10 years arrived in Bali. Now there are pictures of that day from Uluwatu.

4 meters at a period of 20 seconds

These were the basic data of the swell that was expected in Bali. The biggest show was to take place in Padang Padang, where the final of the Rip Curl Cup was due. What that looked like, you can see here. But Padang Padang is a protected spot in Bali. Uluwatu, on the other hand, always feels the full power of a swell. No wonder that there were real XL conditions there. Watch the first wave of the video. At first you think: All right, what’s so huge about that? But then suddenly a surfer appears in the picture and suddenly one recognizes the dimension of this wave…

Uluwatu in XL mode is not without danger

Who enjoys a Wipeout on such a day, experiences a nightmarish departure “over the falls”, bangs on the reef and ends in a current, which resembles a tearing river toward cliffs. If the leash rips, the fight for survival is not far away.

In the water was indeed also a surfer with German roots. You’ll find out who did it on the next page.