The next monster swell rolls towards Indo


Only a week ago, the biggest swell in 10 years arrived in Bali. Now maybe an even bigger swell follows.

Map: Magicseaweed

July 19th on Bali was thick

Very thick, actually. Uluwatu, for instance, broke in a size that can be described as life-threatening (seen here on Prime Surfing). But apparently this was only the beginning of an XL season in Indo. Because already today on Tuesday and tomorrow on Wednesday the next swell arrives there, which with 4.7 meters and a wave period of 19 seconds certainly plays again in the XL-League.

The forecast for Uluwatu…

from Magicseaweed. For comparison, here are the charts for the last monsterswell a week ago on Prime Surfing.

More than a handful of surfers will probably not be able to cope with this wave violence.

The webcam about Uluwatu

It already shows some lines rolling up on Tuesday and that’s just the beginning of the swell.

A view of the Mentawais

Because yesterday – before the big swell arrived – Nic von Rupp surfed. It should be noted that the forecast at the time of recording showed only about 2 meters. Who can imagine what this spot will look like on Wednesday with more than 4 meters?

A warning from Western Australia?

Thick swells in the Indian Ocean always arrive first in Western Australia before they migrate further towards Indo. That’s why there are already shots of the monster swell from there and they are definitely scary: