Red Iceland Indonesia: Yoga in Utopia with Jane

Yesterday we reported about the Utopia on Red Iceland in Indonesia. Apart from its unique location and views, this wonderful resort naturally offers yoga...

Hero of the day: Danger to life in Padang

Padang is a strong left tube, right next to Uluwatu. To paddle to the wave you have to go through a channel, an extremely...

Major fire in Bali

I don't think anybody knows exactly what's going on. One thing is certain:  The houses and Warungs on the cliff above Uluwatu are on...

The next monster swell rolls towards Indo

Only a week ago, the biggest swell in 10 years arrived in Bali. Now maybe an even bigger swell follows. Map: Magicseaweed July 19th on Bali...

Eyewitness report of the big fire in Bali

Uluwatu on Fire! Uluwatu feuert erst massive Wellen und dann brennen mehrere Häuser auf der Bukit.