True Love: a declaration of love


Yes, a certain pathos cannot be denied and perhaps we are disguised romantics, but it finally had to be said, and how could one do it more beautifully than soy. This is an ode to the sport we all love so much, a beautiful video with a great message.
the wave is painful, sometimes painful, sometimes unpredictable, but only if you don’t know how to deal with it, sometimes a wave is admirable, great and simply valuable, but only if you appreciate the wonderful games nature has created for us !surf – we love you above all!

Thank you that you exist and that this marriage may last until the end of our lives.

Now sit back and relax and enjoy these beautiful pictures and listen to the message that soy is purring in your ear.

Just to melt away, don’t you think?

Andy Irons

By the way, from 1:12 you very much like the unfortunately too early deceased Grand Master Andy Irons in Desert Point. Probably one of the best barrels ever surfed.