Vans US Open: Seth Moniz takes the cake


The Vans US Open of Surfing started round five on a sunny Saturday in Huntington Beach and it was a rather unlabeled sheet that ripped people from their seats: Seth Moniz stole the show from the greats with a truly breathtaking performance.

The 20-year-old Hawaiian was literally on fire and literally exploded on his backhand. He said that he himself hadn’t expected to end this \”trip\” with his feet on the board. He called it the best wave he has ever surfed in a competition in his surfing career, and to top this performance really requires a stroke of genius. Seth actually had the feeling that he kicked the board a little too hard out of the wave, but in the end it was probably the momentum that caused the beautiful cork axis.

Wave score

That this wave \”just\” brought in a 9.87 is almost a joke. To take out his competitor Evan Geiselmann, however, it took time. Anything else would have been absurd. But enough of words, look and be amazed:


If Seth Moniz keeps surfing like this, we will soon be able to welcome this boy into the elite league of surfers.